What can be shared?
  • Products close to expiry;
  • Products stored in accordance with storage conditions;
  • Non-alcoholic drinks.
What can`t be shared?
  • Expired products;
  • Products with violated storage conditions;
  • Raw food such as meat, fish, seafood;
  • Alcohol.
Do I get products for free?
All products placed at the platform are free of charge. This is a mandatory condition.
Why should I share food? Especially if I don`t get paid for it.
There are many global problems in the world and food waste is one of them. It's hard to believe that 30% of all produced food in the world is thrown away every year which leads to financial losses and environmental pollution. If food goes to the landfill, it produces methane - a greenhouse gas which is responsible for global warming. At the same time more than 800 million people are hungry globally. That is the main reason to share food.

About 25% of food waste is generated by households. Therefore, if you share good food, you don't only help other people, but also contribute to environmental protection. In addition FOOD TAKERS will be thankful to you!
Is using the platform free of charge?
We have launched a trial period, during which all functions would be free for everyone.
In a while, as soon as we make sure that the system works correctly, some of the options will be switched to a paid mode.
The main reason why we will ask you to contribute is because we want to improve our product, which requires investments, financial resources and team efforts.
We will inform you about details of the tariffs as soon as we finish testing the platform.
May I get money for sharing products?
You can only share products free of charge at our platform.
What if I took a bad product or poisoned myself?
Food safety is extremely important when sharing food.

Both FOOD TAKERS and FOOD GIVERS must always take the following into account:

  • Please, share only products which are "good enough for you". FOOD GIVERS must not give anything away if they believe it is unsafe to eat

  • FOOD TAKERS can address the following questions to FOOD GIVERS before collecting food:
    - If it's homemade, what are the ingredients?
    - If it's opened, when was it opened and how has it has been stored?

  • Before eating food, FOOD TAKERS should assess quality of food (expiration date, appearance, smell).

  • If anything goes wrong, you have to click the button "COMPLAIN" and describe the situation. We will investigate and take action regarding the GIVER.

Remember, the online platform We Save Food is just connecting FOOD GIVERS and FOOD TAKERS. We are not responsible for the quality of food and don`t arrange delivery.
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