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According to the UN, about 30% of the world's food is thrown away, and according to a study by the TIAR Center conducted in Russia in 2019, 5% of all food is utilized at the sales level (in retail, restaurants, cafes).

We offer our Business Partners a technological solution that will allow enterprises to significantly reduce the volume of food waste and bring your business to a new sustainable level.

Benefits of working with the We Save Food platform

1. The ability to share food (close the expiration date) for free through our app.

Who is it for:

  • for small cafes, restaurants, catering, shops
    for those who strive to run a socially responsible, sustainable business
    for companies that allow a low level of automation, because while the placement of products on the platform occurs for each item
  • What else will u need:

  • Sign in platform
  • Post products that you are willing to give away for free
  • Give products to a food taker who will come to you on his own
2. Now we are finalizing the platform module, where you will be able to sell products and food with an expiration date close to the end.

Who is it for?

- For small and medium-sized restaurants, cafes, catering, shops
- For those who strive to conduct a socially responsible and sustainable business

Why else will you need:

- Sign in platform
- Post the products you want to sell at a discount, indicate the price and amount of the discount
- Give products to a food taker who will come to you on his own
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